Forest of Orange

Open onto a forest of orange, bright as the sun and almost as cool. I am the one lying there atop a particularly jagged rock. Someone told me I couldn’t bare it so I had to prove them right. I'm sure there is blood somewhere beneath my skin but I don't feel it until it's... Continue Reading →

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Love Luster

a flicker born of no flint. a hesitant touch, happily approved. she takes small moments and builds them like mansions. monuments to recall the minuscule moments that she grins for all day. soft lights of pink shimmering for mere seconds. why, you could even see the skipping heart gleam within her eyes. a beautiful thing,... Continue Reading →

A New Place

Don't you just hate it? Feeling lost in your own home. How did these hallways bend and how did these rooms switch? If I could find that ghost to guide me, maybe it would be okay. Perhaps even cosy. Where are my photos and where is the spot on the couch where she sat comfortably... Continue Reading →

Scales to Skin

There are snakes somewhere behind my ribs. Hidden, as black as my blood, they slither through my veins and beckon my fingers to move to their will. At this point there is not much to do. Try to be good, try to call to a heart that's not beating. But there it is. Those damn... Continue Reading →

Not So Bad a Burn

It’s like something funny, a ghost dancing in the flames. I can see that I’m burning but God, the fire makes my skin look so bright. The smoke is suffocating. Holding my breath doesn’t work because I can’t stop laughing the ashes from my bones, but that’s okay. Even though I can tell we’re spiraling... Continue Reading →

Froggin Alone

I don't want to be fucking alone. Moving hips, up and down, back and forth. Away and back again. In and out and gone and back and there you go again. Goodbye.   Heat spreading upwards but going nowhere. It's slick but it hurts still the same, like we're wrapped in barbed wire.   I... Continue Reading →

View on the Way Down

I don't know if you've tried falling down, but it can be a hell of a time. Sure, you're knee will scream when you scrape it on the rocks. Yes, your breath will abandon you on your way to the ground, but have you ever seen a single light extended to the stretch of a... Continue Reading →

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